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Responsive Web Design.

PINATA integrates the creative and technological know-how for the design and implementation of innovative websites.


Our top priority is to produce excellent website design. For our creative projects, every detail is carefully analysed and checked to ensure that we can guarantee total artistic coherence at every phase of user navigation. Our byword is ‘practical design’, since we believe that the role of artwork is to serve the application, its objectives and the end-user – not the other way around.


Customer satisfaction is key. Our web designers merge technology and design to customise ecommerce websites best suited for our clients’ needs, focusing on making the e commerce website not only a practical investment, but also a pleasure to use.


PINATA has received numerous awards for our online creations, including some of the most prestigious prizes in this field.


PINATA uses the latest technology for HTML integration (CSS, Jquery, Mootools, WordPress, etc.) in order to ensure maximum interface interactivity, while meeting optimum performance criteria (W3C, XHTML 1.0, Transitional, etc.). We also develop prototypes in HTML5 and CSS3 and can adapt your interface to all types of terminals and multimedia devices (iPad, iPhone, mobile phones, interactive terminals, etc.). We are web 3.0.



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